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I Have a Special Offer Just for YOU!

Have Your Real Estate Photo Drive Business

In this online course you will learn how to take professional real estate photos that help bring in business instead of turning it away. You will learn how to earn a living on your own terms, so you can work on projects of your choosing, and can still be available for life’s moments.

Enrollments Now Open

Learn to Photograph Real Estate Like a Pro!

Inside you will learn:

  • Your game plan – establishing the framework for what you are about to learn, setting your intentions and goals to create a plan for success.

  • Camera Gear – tripods, lenses and cameras, everything you need with minimal outlay to get you started.

  • Camera Settings – master camera settings that you will use in any house setting to capture high quality images ready for Real Estate agents.

  • Bracketing, Perspectives & Grid Systems – essential workflow tools to speed up your time on site to allow you to shoot more houses per day.

  • 9 Step Shooting Process – ensuring you deliver consistent quality images that will keep your Real Estate agents coming back time and time again guaranteeing you repeat work.

  • How to Shoot Real Estate – taking you through each room of a house to show you specific workflows for each space.

My Photo Career 2022

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