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Hi beautiful people!

I thought I had better introduce myself so you know who is behind My Photo Career! My name is Nathan Devine and I am based in a coastal town called Gerringong which is 2hrs south of Sydney in Australia.

Nathan Devine Portrait.jpg

23 years ago I started my photography journey photographing musicians at a pub called The Kelts Bar which was a short drive from home at the time. I love watching live music and I had a passion for photography, so when the two came together I was in my element. After a few weeks of shooting bands that were playing on the weekends, the manager of the venue approached me and asked if he could buy my images to cover an entire wall of the pub of local bands. I was so excited and thrilled at the realisation that I could make money from doing what I love that I didn’t know what else to say other that a big excited “YES”, it was a real shift in perspective for me. From that moment on I decided to study photography, I wanted to know everything and I wanted to be good at it.

Fast forward 23 years later and I am just as hungry to learn everything I can about photography. My career has been exciting, challenging and varied, working in areas of photography such as news, food, products, portraits and real estate. I also tacked on a few careers in that time as well including graphic design, publishing and property renovation.

If I can go back 5 years though to 2014 and be completely honest and transparent, I hit a low in my life and couldn’t see a way out.


I had been running my photography and graphic design studio for 12 years, I was chained to a desk 5 days per week either editing photos with not much shooting going on, or designing marketing material for other businesses. I had lost my passion and I needed a major change of lifestyle. Later that same year, my mum passed away from MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

In 2015 I made a decision to completely change career and pursue another passion of mine, building. I wanted to be outside, working with my hands and away from a computer. I did a short course in property flipping and went on to successfully buy renovate and sell 3 properties, I was loving it.
After only one year of flipping properties, my serviceability to continue to get bank loans dried up, the housing market in Australia also went up in value which made it hard to renovate a property and still get a return. Again I was at a point where I needed to make a massive change, and fast.


I sought the help of a career counsellor to work out what I actually really wanted from life and what kind of career would support that lifestyle. Here are my list of requirements that came out of those sessions: I wanted to be my own boss, I wanted flexibility, a high income, outside work (not in an office), a high level of interest, not too physically demanding, not too repetitive and still tied into the property market. After only two sessions with the counsellor, I had the most amazing breakthrough and realisation that I could launch a dedicated Real Estate Photography company.


Once I had the clarity that I was longing for I made a decision to take the next 6 months off to design a brand new business model. I decided at that point to culminate the past 16 years of business experience running my own companies, to design a strong business model that operated from proven strategies and systems.

When I launched my new business model on 1 July 2018, the first six months I averaged $1,396 per week, the following six months I averaged $2,173 per week. It ticked all of my requirements that I was looking for, it provided more personal income per hour than any of my previous businesses, and it gave me enormous flexibility and freedom while working an average of only 3 days per week.

I am absolutely loving my business and I truly feel that I have found my dream career. It takes me to some of the most beautiful destinations, I get to see coast lines and mountains at all times of the day that I would not normally get to see. It provides me with the time to exercise, to drop my kids to school and pick them up, it provides me with a comfortable level of income with the choice to increase it at anytime by working more days, although I have to say that 3 days per week works just fine for me right now 🙂

What I want to do now is show people how they can achieve the income, flexibility and lifestyle they have always wanted to get from a photography career. I want to show you how you can create this for yourself, using my system that has taken 16 years of business experience to develop so that you can hit the ground running and learn from all of my mistakes.

I am so excited to be on this journey with you, wishing you every success!

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